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214 MSA members (23 March 2015)

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Honorary Members

Anthony FaneUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Hans CosterUniversity of Sydney[email protected]
Chris FellUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Michel LefebvreVictoria University[email protected]


Corporate Members

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Individual Members

Hyoseong AhnSepraTek Inc., Korea[email protected]
Bruce AndersonN/A[email protected]
Alice AntonyUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Oliver AutinCranfield University, United Kingdom[email protected]
Ravichandar BabaraoCSIRO[email protected]
Yoshinari BabaUniversity of Miyazaki, Japan[email protected]
Nouran El BadawiThe American University in Cairo, Egypt[email protected]
Michael BattenCSIRO[email protected]
Carolyn BellamyWater Research Australia Limited[email protected]
Bruce BiltoftEvoqua Water Technologies[email protected]
Bart Van der BruggenKU Leuven, Belgium[email protected]
Steven CaoEvoqua Water Technologies[email protected]
Soryong ChaeThe University of Sydney[email protected]
Vicki ChenUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Kwun Lun ChoUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
Kevin ClarkeDow Chemical (Australia) Pty Ltd.[email protected]
Joe Da CostaThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Hans CosterThe University of Sydney[email protected]
Shane CoxUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Marlene CranVictoria University[email protected]
Mikel DukeVictoria University[email protected]
Malik FakronLibya[email protected]
Anthony FaneUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Chris FellUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Emmanuelle FillouxThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Roberta FornarelliHatch Associates Pty Ltd.[email protected]
Qiang FuUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
Takahiro FujiokaUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
David FurukawaNational Centre of Excellence in Desalination[email protected]
Angela GackleWater Research Australia Limited[email protected]
Bader GhanemKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia[email protected]
Olga GlagovkaiaCSIRO[email protected]
Stephen GrayVictoria University[email protected]
Andrew Groth[email protected]
Paul GurrUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
David HalliwellDeakin University[email protected]
Li HeDeakin University[email protected]
Anita HillCSIRO[email protected]
Manh HoangCSIRO[email protected]
Junhua HuangCSIRO, Energy Technology[email protected]
Geoffrey Johnston-HallEvoqua Water Technologies[email protected]
Byung-Chun KangGumkang Engineering, Korea[email protected]
Moon-Sung KangSangmyung University, Korea[email protected]
John KavanaghThe University of Sydney[email protected]
Mal KeenBürkert Fluid Control Systems[email protected]
Sandra KentishUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
Jeong-Hoon KimKorea Research Institute of Chemical Technololgy, Korea[email protected]
Spas KolevUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
Bradley LadewigMonash University[email protected]
Sam LauCSIRO[email protected]
Pierre Le-ClechUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Michel LefebvreVictoria University[email protected]
Greg LeslieUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Josephine LimUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
Shaomin LiuCurtin University[email protected]
Patricia LuisThe University of Leuven, Belgium[email protected]
Peter MacintoshConsultant[email protected]
Richard MacounBASF Australia Ltd[email protected]
Alice MakardijORICA Chemicals New Zealand[email protected]
Dana MartensThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Michiaki MatsumotoDoshisha University, Japan[email protected]
Ewan McAdamCranfield University, United Kingdom[email protected]
Claire MclnnesWater Research Australia Limited[email protected]
Howard MendelPack Wash[email protected]
Nicholas MilneVictoria University[email protected]
Paul MolinoUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Ken MorisonUniversity of Canterbury[email protected]
Albérico MottaPetrobras, Brazil[email protected]
Mark MullettHatch Associates Pty Ltd.[email protected]
Derrick NgCSIRO[email protected]
Long NghiemUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Federico PachecoKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia[email protected]
Neil PalmerNational Centre of Excellence in Desalination[email protected]
Jin-Soo ParkSangmyung University, Korea[email protected]
Con PelekaniSA water[email protected]
Sherub PhuntshoThe University of Technology Sydney[email protected]
Ingo PinnauKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia[email protected]
Yvan PoussadeVeolia Water Australia/New Zealand[email protected]
William PriceUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Greg QiaoUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
Luke ReevesHatch Associates Pty Ltd.[email protected]
Ji Won RhimHannam University, Korea[email protected]
Greth RoeszlerWater Research Australia Limited[email protected]
Miles RzechowiczSingapore Membrane Technology Centre, Singapore[email protected]
Colin ScholesUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
Jurg SchutzCSIRO[email protected]
Ho Kyong ShonThe University of Technology Sydney[email protected]
Simon SmartThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Ikuo TaniguchiKyushu University, Japan[email protected]
Kelvin TaylorHatch Associates Pty Ltd.[email protected]
Leonard TijingThe University of Technology Sydney[email protected]
David WangThe University of Sydney[email protected]
Huanting WangMonash University[email protected]
Louis WiartXylem Water Solutions Australia[email protected]
Dianne WileyUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Ming WuShanghai Bi Ke Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd, China[email protected]
Zongli XieCSIRO[email protected]
Jianfeng YaoMonash University[email protected]
Wenjing ZhangTechnical University of Denmark, Denmark[email protected]
Jane ZhangDeakin University[email protected]
Xiwang ZhangMonash University[email protected]
Bo ZhuVictoria University[email protected]
Guangshan ZhuGriffith University[email protected]
Linda ZouUniversity of South Australia[email protected]
Xing YangVictoria University[email protected]
Filip JanakievskiCSIRO[email protected]
Hani NurMemphasys[email protected]
Alison CouttsMemphasys[email protected]
Ross HarricksMemphasys[email protected]
Mike RichardsonMemphasys[email protected]
Jack ZaoMemphasys[email protected]
Sophie LetermeFlinders University[email protected]
Bernd LandmannBASF Australia[email protected]
Daniel NgSyBic Australia[email protected]
Faiz Mohd SuahUniversity Sains Malaysia[email protected]
Philipp RaichleXylem Water Solutions Australia[email protected]
Mohammed Al-AbrThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Ludovic DumeeDeakin University[email protected]
Kristina KonstasCSIRO[email protected]
Chris KerstenEvoqua Water Technologies[email protected]
Mariam DarestaniQueensland University of Technology[email protected]
Mohd Hafez Mohd IsaUniversiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)[email protected]
Suzana NunesKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)suzana.n[email protected]
Erigene BakanguraUniversity of Science nd Technology of China[email protected]
Jenny Wong-ChewCity West Water[email protected]
Ho Kyong ShonUniversity of Technology Sydney (UTS)[email protected]
Amanda EllisFlinders University[email protected]
Yun YeUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Lin LiUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Saeed Jamali AshtianiSUT[email protected]
Akbar Asadi Tashvighamirkabir university of technology[email protected]
Rajini Kanth VanarchiUniversity of South Africa[email protected]
Rahul JadhaoUniversity of Mumbai[email protected]
Ernst BruyniusQueensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection[email protected]
Rakesh JoshiUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Lei GeUniversity of Queensland[email protected]
Arash Arami NiyaThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Tom RuffordThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Narjes AbulKuwait Institute for Scientific Research[email protected]
Fatma HussainKuwait Institute for Scientific Research[email protected]
Jenny EvtimovaUniversity of Calabria[email protected]
Morteza MirzaeeAquatec Maxcon Pty Ltd[email protected]
Gibb C. Y. ChanGloboid Engineering Services[email protected]
Diane Wiesner[email protected]
Rica SantiagoAquatec Maxcon Pty Ltd[email protected]
Boyce LianUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Dennis ChoJacobs[email protected]
Md. Mominul HaqueMacquarie University[email protected]
Robert WaleBluesand Consulting[email protected]
Li ShuRMIT University[email protected]
Veeriah JagtheesanRMIT University[email protected]
Joe da CostaThe University of Queensland[email protected]
David UhlmannUniversity of Queensland[email protected]
Rhys EddyEnrgiStream[email protected]
Guillermo ZaragozaCIEMAT - Plataforma Solar de Almeria[email protected]
Marian TurekThe Silesian University of Technology[email protected]
Karin SchroenWageningen University[email protected]
George ChenThe University of Melbourne[email protected]
Brian BoltoCSIRO[email protected]
Lisa LeckieEvoqua[email protected]


Student, Early Career Researcher & Concession Members

Faizan AhmadYeungnam University, Republic of Korea[email protected]
Francois-Marie AlliouxDeakin University[email protected]
Farrukh ArsalanUniversity of Oxford, United Kingdom[email protected]
Benjamin Asquith-[email protected]
Elaheh BinabajiPennsylvania State University[email protected]
Gaetan BlandinLEQUIA – Universitat de Girona[email protected]
Zenah Bradford-HartkeUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Amos BranchUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Nicholas BryanUniversity of Edinburgh, United Kingdom[email protected]
Yen ChuaThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Weiwei CongDeakin University[email protected]
Shirin DabestaniUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Constantinos DimitrakakisMonash University[email protected]
Katrin DoedererThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Hung DuongUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Muthia ElmaThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Christian EltersUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Mahsa Nouri Ahmadi GourabUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
David GrantUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Farahnaz HaghighatUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Nurul Abdul HalimUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Matthew HillCSIRO[email protected]
Jingwei HouUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Yaoxin HuMonash University[email protected]
Ikechukwu IkeVictoria University[email protected]
Chao JiUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Kezia KeziaUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
Jieun LeeThe University of Sydney[email protected]
Yong LiangUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Bao LinDeakin University[email protected]
Xiaocheng LinMonash University[email protected]
Liang LiuThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Xuefei LiuUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Nicholas LowMonash University[email protected]
Wenhai LuoUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Yunlong LuoThe University of Technology Sydney[email protected]
Tahir MajeedThe University of Technology Sydney[email protected]
Dieme MohamadUniversité Assane Seck, Senegal[email protected]
Darli MyatUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Luong NguyenUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Tien Thanh NguyenThe University of Technology Sydney[email protected]
Khadijeh PaymooniUniversity of Newcastle[email protected]
Hop PhanUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Chathuri PiyadasaVictoria University[email protected]
Marie-Laure PypeThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Md. Harun-Or RashidUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Harish RavishankarDeakin University[email protected]
Soleman SahebiThe University of Technology Sydney[email protected]
Galilee SemblanteUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Ezzatollah ShamsaeiMonash University[email protected]
Putu SutrisnaUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
XiaoWei TewUniversity of Canterbury[email protected]
Aaron ThorntonCSIRO[email protected]
Keng Han TngUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Kha TuMonash University[email protected]
Jingshi WangThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Shengnan WangThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Yuan WangUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Zee Ying YeoMonash University Malaysia[email protected]
Joel YongUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
Ashley ZaracostasUniversity of Wollongong[email protected]
Shuaifei ZhaoCSIRO[email protected]
Nor Aida ZubirThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Shuafei ZhaoCSIRO[email protected]
Juan ZhangDeakin University[email protected]
Hamid IlbeygiThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Biruh Gebretsadik-[email protected]
Khaled Ibn Abdul HamidVictoria University[email protected]
Apra Boyle-gotlaThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Rackel ReisVictoria University[email protected]
Elena Mejia LikosovaThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Andrea MerendaItaly[email protected]
Elise Des LignerisDeakin University[email protected]
Arne SteinkampRuhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany[email protected]
Siti Nurehan Abd JalilThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Adhikara ResosudarmoUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Huihuang ChenThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Lining DingVictoria University[email protected]
Pamela El JbeilyOrica Australia [email protected]
Shahzad JamilThe University of Technology Sydney[email protected]
Valeria Almeida LimaUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Ji GuozhaoThe University of Queensland[email protected]
Helen JulianUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Cher Hon LauCSIRO[email protected]
Kristina KonstasCSIRO[email protected]
James MainaDeakin University[email protected]
Chong Yang ChuahNanyang Technological University[email protected]
Elise des LingnerisDeakin University[email protected]
Huiyuan LiuMonash University [email protected]
Masafumi ShibuyaKobe University[email protected]
Armineh HassanvandThe University of Melbourne[email protected]
Nazila EsmaeiliGriffith University[email protected]
Qi ZhengThe University of Melbourne[email protected]
Sendango Omalamga LandryUniversity of the Witwatersrand[email protected]
Susanthi Liyanaarachchi RMIT[email protected]
Hiep ThuanThe University of Melbourne[email protected]
Muayad Al-ShaeliMonash University[email protected]
Anbharasi VanangamudiVictoria University[email protected]
Gong HeqingNanyang Technological University[email protected]
Hao-Cheng YangUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Ho Kyong ShonUniversity of Technology Sydney (UTS)[email protected]
Wenwei ZhongUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Nertil XhaferajUniversity of Camerino[email protected]
Winny FamUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Milton ChaiUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Jinguk KimUniversity of Melbourne[email protected]
Elham RadaeiUniversity of New South Wales[email protected]
Yusak HartantoThe University of Adelaide[email protected]
Laura ChekliUniversity of Technology Sydney[email protected]
Andrew TarziaUniversity of Adelaide/CSIRO[email protected]
Abozar AkbarivakilabadiMonash University [email protected]
Hesamoddin RabieeUniversity of Adelaide [email protected]
Sungjin LeeHanyang University[email protected]
Hajeong SeoHanyang University[email protected]
Shinji KanehashiMelbourne University[email protected]
Ranwen OuMonash University [email protected]
Joel TanUniversity of NSW (UNESCO)[email protected]
Mashid FarzanehsaUniversity of Sydney[email protected]
Huiyuan LiuMonash University[email protected]
Burhannudin SutisnaKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology[email protected]
Mohamed AbdellahThe University of Melbourne[email protected]
Xing DuThe Universityof New South Wales[email protected]